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custom draft guide formatting is messed up

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  • custom draft guide formatting is messed up

    The custom draft guide's formatting is screwed up. For the batters it looks like the dollar value is on two lines but when I copy and paste it into excel, the LIMA grade is by itself on the next line. Sort of makes it hard to use. Can you guys fix this ASAP?

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    Don't cut and paste from the first 'results' page you get after inputting your league config. Along the top there are various options for report formats that will go into Excel more cleanly. Even if you want the list as it first shows, just choose the 'full list' option and the formatting gets cleaned up.


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      ok, I'm an idiot. :|

      now if only there were a way to have it list the projections without putting in that header row every once in a while.


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        I've got an answer for that one too.... once you paste in Excel, do a sort by R$ or some other column, it will push the header rows to the bottom and you can delete them.


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          thanks that did it... I ended up having to do the custom report but it worked.