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  • Too Many CSV Downloads

    On the old site, I would download CSVs for each of my five leagues, about once a week during the season, so I could port them into my Access database where I keep track of everything. This was admittedly kind of a pain. However, with the new site I have to download 10 CSV files to capture all the player values, since hitting and pitching has been split. Not really looking forward to this.

    I realize it's probably too late to do anything about this, but it sure would be nice if I could download the values for all players across all my leagues in one file.

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    The CSVs (outside of the Custom Draft Guide) were split hitters vs pitchers on the old site as well. The only thing that has changed in that structure is the CDG having separate hitting and pitching files.

    We might be able to do something about that going forward, but it won't be this draft season... I'm trying to get the CSVs all finalized this week, and then we're going to freeze the formats for March so we're not messing with everyone's formulas/Access imports/whatever else you do with the files.