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What happened to the Depth Chart Download Files?

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  • What happened to the Depth Chart Download Files?

    They used to exist under a teams link - which has now completely disappeared with the site redesign. Will they ever be available again?
    Also the depth charts that are now under tools are completely unusable. You used to be able to print them off on a landscape 8.5x11" paper - but they new layout just is awful.​

    [I][FONT=Arial][SIZE=8px]AMBL - cumulative points league with original rules established 1977 and continuous league since 1983 (40th consecutive year in 2023)
    Lineup: Start 1-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Any Infielder, 3-OF, 1-OF/DH, 5-SP, 3-RP, 1-Any P and Reserves-11[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
    [I][SIZE=8px][FONT=Arial]Our point scoring system is:
    ++ Batting : R=1, H=1, 2B=1, 3B=2, HR=2, RBI=1, SB=1, CS=minus 1, BB=0.5, K=minus 0.5, E=minus 1
    ++ Pitching : W=4.5, L=minus 3, Save=4.5, Hold=3, BS=minus 3, QS=1, IP=1.5, H=minus 0.5, ER=minus 0.5, BB=minus 0.5, K=0.5 [/FONT][/SIZE][/I]

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    Yes - I used to be able to print out the depth charts on 3-4 pages and take it into the draft. Now it takes 25 pages to print in portrait and 26 pages in landscape. So I am recreating it in excel on a printable form. I am hoping at some point the capability to print the depth charts in a concise form becomes readily available. The same goes for the grid in the custom draft guide. I am also recreating the grid in excel to be able to print it out too. Extra hours and work on my part but in the end it will be worth it on draft day. And yes I have put in that request before. I am sure it will be restored to the old way at some point - I hope with better printer capabilities - but I have a draft on Saturday and cannot assume it will be by then.

    With that said I would also like to acknowledge that I can see some improvements mainly in the data which we rely on. So thank you for that and keep the user experience improvements coming.
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      CSV export and print-friendly buttons have been added to the Depth Charts page.