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  • Bullpen indicator data

    Ray - your information on your bullpen indicator page is outstanding. Last year when I went to that page to get full year data it was gone shortly after the season ended. I sent you a note asking if you could get the data back but it was impossible. So my question is - if the season ends on October 1st - how long will that information be up on the website so we can download it into a spreadsheet. I am in Europe at the end of the season and given that we don't have access to BHQ while in the EU - I was wondering whether that information can be downloaded when i return on October 7th. Thank you.

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    Would it be possible if somebody from BHQ could answer this question? I thought this forum was specifically used for questions like this. thank you very much.


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      I can't make any guarantees about how long that data will be up. If you post here on the last weekend of the season, I will download a copy of the spreadsheet and put it aside for you.


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        Thank you very much. I might download also right before we leave. It will be close enough.