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  • Content for September 2nd

    Hello - it is Friday September 2nd but there is no new content for today. It is still showing yesterday’s articles as the latest. Can you please help? Thank you

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    Content is all available now. Apologies, we had a miscommunication on the night shift.


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      Ok Ray - what is going on at BHQ? I’ve been a Gold member for as long as I can remember and I have never sent a note as I’ve done now 3 times in the last week on content. Yesterday there was no content for 9/2 until I prompted you and now there is no content yet for 9/3. And I also had to ask about the Market Pulse article on Sunday. What seems to be the issue these days that has never existed before? Can you help? Thank you very much.


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        Today's content is up.

        Nothing nefarious going on, just an unfortunate run of scheduling issues/whiffs. Not that it's acceptable, of course... but there's no big picture issue.


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          Ray - I am the biggest fan of BHQ. I think your daily content is second to none. I find all of your articles to be very helpful. BHQ is a destination item for me. Most days the next day's content comes out the night before. We play in a daily transactions league and waivers run overnight. Many times your content for the next day has given me an idea of a player so i always check to see if your latest content is up. Because your content is so helpful and because your timing has been so consistent over the many many years - you have spoiled this reader. Please understand that any frustration that I might feel is only because I depend on BHQ a lot. Thanks for everything you do for us.


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            I can certainly understand why you'd be frustrated. We've failed a few times in the past week and will try to clean up our act.

            Just as a reminder, all of our non-time-sensitive content should publish overnight. Matchups and PT Today get edited in the morning and are typically posted between 9-10am ET.