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How to make signatures viewable

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  • How to make signatures viewable

    1. Go to your profile and click "Edit settings"

    2. Click on the "Account" tab

    3. Scroll 2/3 of the way down. Check the "Show Signatures" box in the Conversation Detail area.

    4. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Save Changes".

    FWIW, my signature from the old incarnation of the board was ported in, so I didn't need to create a new one.
    * 10-team AL-only, auction ($260 budget), 2 yr contracts wi/toppers, max 13 freezes, $100 FAAB with weekly auctions, 4x4 with hybrid categories
    * 14H/9P (+8 reserve draft), with liberal movement between active and reserve rosters
    * Hitting: OBP, HR, RP, SB+2B+2*3B
    * Pitching: ERA, W+QO+CG, S+H, 2*IP-baserunners, where QO = 5/6/8 IP with 2/3/4 ER or fewer

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    Good info. I roamed around the Profile area for quite a while a few months back before I figured this out. That was after finally noticing my signature had vanished for who knows how long at some point this year, having been previously visible for several years.
    10 Team, 14+9, NL Only, 4x4, 2-Year Ultra League (draft year, final year if not signed, back to draft pool), Up to 12 Keepers