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Playerlink question - Game log pitched by relievers

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  • Playerlink question - Game log pitched by relievers

    I just noticed today that when I look at any RP playerlink's page, their recent stats show up on the "General" tab but the "Games" tabs and "PQS" tab show no games pitched. I thought for sure that I've seen the game long filled in for receivers before. I do see Games logged for Starters, has it always been that way for relievers? Or is that possibly some new bug? I first noticed it looking at Luzardo, his Games log shows only the ones that he started not his recent relief outings after going back from IL. thx

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    We did release a small change last night, but it shouldn't have impacted either of these tabs.

    Silly question- I'm assuming you saw these games listed before today? (just to help in figuring out what happened)


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      Yes pretty sure I saw those game logs for relievers before. I think you see which games they got a Save in for example. Also I had seen Luzardos velocity up in the game logs after he can off the IL.


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        Yeah, RP appearances were definitely on both Games and PQS tab before last night's change.


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          OK should be back to normal now. Thanks for catching this!


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            Thanks for the quick replies and fix.