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Ohtani batter card $0 ?

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  • Ohtani batter card $0 ?

    Ohtani's batter's card in Playerlink shows $0 5x5 value as of today. I noticed it had dropped significantly from yesterday because I run the CDG tool for my league parameters every day and he has been showing up as $25 player in the CDG grid. But today he dropped down to a $5 player or less. And so looking at the Playerlink, his value indeed dropped to $0. This looks like some error since he is still projected for over 30 HRs with double-digits SBs by season end. Or am I missing something?

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    He has projections as both batter and pitcher, but we are limited to only assigning a $ value to one side or the other. That's based on his primary position, which it looks like we just flipped to pitcher... maybe because we were tweaking his innings projection.


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      Oh I see, thanks