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  • ADP in the Draft Guide

    Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, as I realize this is a pretty basic question, but I can't find an answer anywhere.

    Where does the ADP column in the Custom Draft Guide come from--is that the ADP from some outside source, and if so what source? Is it dynamic for the inputs we put in for the Custom Settings (for instance if we indicate AL only or NL only will the ADP adjust for that)?

    Bill Y.

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    The ADP reports on data from actual drafts. It is not intended to tell you where you should draft a player. So it will not change based on your custom settings. And it is effectively showing mixed league totals, so the top six players might be ranked 1, 4, 5, 9, 12, 16 in an only league.

    I believe most of the drafts that feed the ADP are NFBC drafts, but there are other sources too. I like to think of it as "drafts with money on the line."


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      Yes, all of our ADP data here at BHQ comes from the NFBC.


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        OK so what type of league are the NFBC ADPs based on? 15 team mixed? And how often are they updated--daily like the other stats?


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          If you google NFBC ADP, you will find the ADP page, and can play with it to find out how many different ways you can cut ADP
          Average Draft Position - High Stakes Fantasy Baseball | NFC - National Fantasy Championship (


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            Yes, updated daily (if not more often). And it's everything the NFBC includes in their ADP, at the link that Whistler provides. Basically its the data from that link, with no filters.


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              Got it, thanks!