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  • MLBAM IDs for Projections

    Would it be possible to fill in the following with MLD IDs instead of zeros on the projections? Thanks!

    Ha-Seong Kim - 673490
    Spencer Torkleson - 679529
    Tomoyuki Sugano - 608372
    Kohei Arihara - 685503


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    I'll see what I can do about forcing them manually. The issue is that they normally get populated by our stats provider, but they aren't in our stats feed until they play a game.


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      Reviving this thread to ask you to establish a policy that BHQ ID, or MLBAM ID, or both, will be included in any comprehensive spreadsheet that you publish. I am specifically thinking about Ed DeCaria's awesome modified ADP sheet, which doesn't include either ID. I guess Ray or Brent probably deleted it to create an imperfection, otherwise we couldn't look at it without perishing like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. But really, the sheet would be even more useful if it had IDs included. Thanks!


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        Ah, a very fair point. If you get into the details, this one's a little bit unusual in that the data comes from the NFBC site, not ours, so it's really them not providing an ID, not us. But we have a mapping of their names/IDs to ours, so we probably could have pulled that off without too much trouble. Suggestion noted.