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Future Projection Updates

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  • Future Projection Updates

    Your 100 game update was nice and I enjoyed the online the chat session. Can I assume that these 100-game updates will not be changed until that game count is finally decided? You had mentioned that some pitcher's IPs will be slightly modified if the 100-game season was the actual decision. I haven't gone back to see if there are changes since I download the 100 game projections.

    No clue which forum this should have been posted but this one seemed to be a reasonable option.

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    Depends when you downloaded the 100-game projections. We rolled them out on 5/1, we were still nibbling at some changes. Those were probably stable by 5/5.

    Last week I made another round of changes centered around cutting pitcher Wins. Those were posted around 5/14. (I'll be writing about those changes later this week.)

    We'll continue tweaking here and there, but I would think we're pretty stable again now until they announce the actual length of the season.


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      No hitting changes since the May 1 update?


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        Maybe a few adjustments on batters, but nothing widespread.


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          Ray - how will you be accounting for the DH in the NL in your depth charts, playing time and projections for the 60 games? Thank you
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            Originally posted by Snider View Post
            Ray - how are you accounting for the DH in the NL in your depth charts, playing time and projections for the 60 games? Thank you
            Luckily the site already supports DH in the NL. Our playing time analysts for the NL teams will be adding those PT% projections over the next couple of days. Some are already there.


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              Ray: Is it safe to say that the projections now include any DH adjustments for NL players? Also: Do projected stats get modified at all for the "regional" schedule? ie: Central division is touted to have weaker offenses. Do pitchers get any adjustment for this in the projections? Or is this just directional adjustment that one might make?


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                DH playing time has been added to all NL teams.

                As far as accounting for the regional schedule, the presence of DH in NL lineups, strength of schedule and park factors in the regional schedule... I'm working on all of the above this week. Intending to write about the outputs in an article coming around end of week (hopefully Friday). Stay tuned...


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                  Please let us know when all these adjustments have been added to the player projections.


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                    All of those adjustments are now in the projections, currently available on the site.

                    Full writeup in GMs Office on Friday morning.


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                      Full writeup on current state of the toolset.