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    Hi Ray - Thank you for adjusting your projections to a 100 game season. Who knows what will happen between the safety issues and the negotiations between the teams and MLBPA on player compensation. Hopefully they will come to some agreement and the virus allows them to get some games in. I think we all need some baseball. Anyway, it does sound as if the NL will be adopting a universal DH and there will be some players who will benefit from that. You have highlighted some of them in a column this week. Do you think you will alter the PT projections to accommodate the universal DH if it looks like it will happen? Thank you.

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    Ray - My apologies as I reread your Speculator column yesterday and you answered the question that I asked in the introduction. If and when MLB agrees on the universal DH you will incorporate into your projections. No need to respond as I understand your strategy. Thanks again.