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    Ray - With MLB postponing their season for at least 2 weeks - will that alter your projections? Right now you obviously assume a full season but not sure if there will be games played on the back end or even when the season will start. If you were to take your plate appearances down due to less games played - how many games would you assume the season will be versus 162? Just want to understand if you are going to do a complete redo of your projections for people who have upcoming drafts in the next couple of days.

    Thank you - John

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    Covered some of this in GM's Office today:

    We will need to go through that process at some point, but I'm not going to even touch any adjustments to the length of the season until we have some clarity about what those adjustments are. For now, all of the projections stay based on 162. If you're drafting this weekend, use those.


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      If we draft next week Saturday and if no news comes out over the next few days as to when the season might start - with no spring training going on do you envision any changes to the current projections and playing time versus what you have currently? Will the vast majority of projections remain intact with nothing going on? Thank you.


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        No, I don't envision any meaningful changes to the projections until we get a target date for Opening Day.


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          Just to update... we did make one widespread change last week: we updated all injured players to change their PT allocations assuming a May 15ish start date. So guys who were expected to be healthy by then now have essentially full-season PT projections.

          What we still haven't done is globally adjusted what a full season of playing time looks like... because we have no idea how to adjust that right now.