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    Jake McGee has 4% playing time under the Rockies depth charts but 0 IP. 4% PT equates to some workload. He is not the only example of this. Why the discrepancies? I use your projections exclusively and have done so for many many years but there seem to be more questionable projections like this later in the winter than usual. Are you scrubbing these projections with the same passion as you have done in prior years? I am concerned and i am very familiar with your projections. Ray - Please help.

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    Adam Morgan is another one for the Phillies. 2.5% PT but 0 IP. He had 19 holds in 30 IP last year and was one of the main set up guys when he pitched.


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      Oliver Perez is another one. It seems to be mostly set up relievers. Would you like me to go through all of them or do you get the point I am making? 3% PT with 5% holds and zeroes across the board. In my league, holds are important and so are set up guys. Please let me know if you want me to send you a list of all the problems. I am happy to help with your projections.


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        I have a list, I'm working through them. Basically, 1-2% PT I generally ignore until we get into camps and roles start to shake out. Those are ~25 IP projections and lower. Anyone at 3-4% should have a projection.

        Nothing different here from prior years. And I answer every question about the projections that gets raised here. So no need to insinuate that we're not paying attention.


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          Sorry for any misunderstanding. I don't remember so may guys who have decent roles like the guys above to be at zero at this point in the cycle. If you say it is normal then my mistake. You guys are everything to me.


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            One more question. The pitchers at 3-4% that should have projections but don't yet, when do you think they will have projections?


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              This week.


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                Looping back here... I did a projections update today that took care of the low-PT guys. There were about 100 players who were projected <70 PA (batters) or 30 IP (pitchers) who didn't have any projected performance data until today. (I'll admit that was more than I realized when I responded earlier in this thread.)

                Anyway, ALL batters who have projected PT now have projected stats. Same for all pitchers, except for 6 guys who are projected for 1% PT (14 IP) or less, and don't strike me as having much of a chance of being draftable in any format. Obviously, if any of them make noise in camp, we'll bump their PT and they'll get a projection.

                For the morbidly curious, they are:

                Bubic, Kris
                Lindgren, Jacob
                Bradish, Kyle
                Lynch, Daniel
                Speas, Alex
                Szapucki, Thomas

                Everyone else is up to date.