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Plate Appearances vs At Bats in Website

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  • Plate Appearances vs At Bats in Website

    With the Forecaster switching to PA to replace AB, is there any plan for the website to start listing PA for hitters as well? The projections only have AB.

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    Yes, all of the stat changes from the Forecaster will come to the web site... we're working on that. In many cases, we'll just add the new stats and not remove the old (where space allows). So we'll keep both PA and AB, for instance.


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      Perfect! Any idea of an ETA out of curiosity?


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        Our tech guys are working on it. I think the biggest decision is whether we're going to trickle them out as they're ready (PA isn't a big deal, xHR is), or wait and do them all as a big bang. I'm on the road at the FSGA conference this week, so it's top of my list to check in with our techies when I get back.