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  • CSV vs HTML

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    Mark Melancon gets projected to have 20% of the saves for SF but no percentage of the holds? Does that make sense? Drew Pomeranz becomes the 5th starter with Andrew Suarez being out of the rotation yet the playing time differential and depth charts are just the opposite. Why is that?


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      Looks like the CSVs didn't update overnight. We just re-generated them, they match the HTML projections now.

      I think the Suarez demotion missed our deadline last night. We'll get that updated today. And yes, Melancon needs some holds.

      The news is coming fast this week, of course. Last weekend I was running projection updates multiple times a day to try and keep up with the pace of the news. Will likely get back to doing that Thurs-Fri-Sat this week, to try and make sure that everyone has the latest info as they head to their drafts.


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        Ray - thank you. Will the Suarez and Melancon projections be reflected in another update today or do we need to wait for tomorrow? Will you run multiple updates today? Our draft day is always on opening day so I was hoping to have the latest and greatest today to rank and dollar value players. Are the dollars values for the CDG generated using CSV or HTML?


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          I was not intending to run multiple updates today. If there's some significant news later today, I might do so. But honestly, adding some holds to Melancon doesn't rise to that level.

          CDG doesn't use either HTML or CSV. All of these various projections: CSV, HTML, Playerlink, CDG, are all pulling from the same database. The database is the one true source of everything. You're pulling from that database at the exact time you run the CDG.