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    Good Morning Ray,

    Is there a reason that explains why the "Remember Me?" check box has no effect when signing-on to the Forums? This is not a current occurrence, as it has been an ongoing issue for years.

    When signing in to the HQ home page, all I have to do is enter the first letter of my UserName, and four choices pop-up. I then click on the correct ID and the Password is populated, allowing me to log in. Signing into the Forums is a different story, as both the User Name and Password must be manually entered in order to enter the Forums Home Page.

    Thanks, and have a good Thursday,

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    The 'remember me' box isn't what allows you to pre-populate your login info as you describe. That's a setting in your browser.

    The 'remember me' box should be allowing you to not have to login at all, or at least make it once every few weeks rather than once every visit. If that isn't working, it's usually your browser security settings stopping us from setting a cookie in your browser to store your login info. Try lowering your security settings for