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  • Staying up to date - Chris Shaw

    Sent to the minors a couple of days ago yet you still have him stating with 80% PT. Are you staying up to date at the most critical time of the year. I am hoping the First Pitch Forums are not getting in the way of staying up to date. The projections are as of 3/12 so the changes and that were made yesterday should be reflected in today's update. Thanks. Daniel Mengden was also sent down today so hopefully that will reflected in playing time in your PT projections for him and all the other pitchers impacted.

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    Keep in mind that our projections are for the entire season, not just Opening Day. So Mengden doesn't necessarily need an adjustment, as we know he'll be back soon.

    Shaw does need an adjustment... our SF analyst is currently out of commission and I'm covering for him. I'll update Shaw tonight.

    We've got our team analysts fully dialed in at this time of year. There's no conflict with First Pitch or anything else.


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      Ray, the Brewers announced more than 15 minutes ago that Jimmy Nelson won't be on the opening day roster. I can't believe you haven't addressed that yet.
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