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CDG Keeper $ Values Are Wildly Incorrect

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  • RAY@HQ
    Answered your support inquiry via email.

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  • Vexxum
    started a topic CDG Keeper $ Values Are Wildly Incorrect

    CDG Keeper $ Values Are Wildly Incorrect

    Hi Team,

    I just purchased the annual renewing membership and am trying out the custom draft guide. So when I input my league's settings and click the "Generate Values" button it generates some realistic looking values. I wanted to add my own keepers so I added all 14 teams in my leagues 12 keepers. I added the $ salary attached and made sure the "Keeper" check box was checked. Whenever I use the "Keepers" checkmark and "Generate Values" the $ values are insane like $1500 for Adam Duvall and Adam Jones and nearly everyone else in the league is valued at like negative -$5000. What do you think is causing my keepers to cause this weird issue?

    I am usually pretty good with software such as this and have checked and all keeper values for the teams are correct. Not sure what is causing this.