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trouble with the cut and paste of text with table inserts on website

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  • trouble with the cut and paste of text with table inserts on website


    I am having issues with the cut and pasting of articles that I would like to put in a 'dossier' on Word, so I can Highlight, annotate, remove NL info as I am in an AL only league.

    I have done this in previous years, where I paste "Lima Pitchers" article and do my thing on Word.

    I cannot do this procedure this year. When I paste, the body copy is fine, but the tables are a complete mess.

    I have tried using both Safari and Firefox and get the same result.

    Here is a link from HQ that I attempted to perform this task, but with the same results:

    Thanks for any insight you may have here.

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    I had good results by highlighting just the article text, starting with the sentence "The Low Investment Mound Aces (LIMA) plan..." and ending with the final individual player writeup. I pasted that into Word and it looked fine.

    If it doesn't do it automatically, you need to change the font of the table itself to a fixed font like Courier New.


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      That does nothing.
      It already pastes the contents in Courier new and changing fonts did nothing. The body article is not the issue, it is ONLY the tables that are a mess. Any HQ tech tell me what is amiss with HQ this year on this issue?

      This is a small paste of what I get when cut and pasting to Word this year:

      -----------Projected 2018---------- Name League Position bb% ct% Eye PX Spd BPV LIMA =================== ====== ======== === === ==== === === === ==== Bregman, Alex AL 3B/SS 9% 82% 0.56 123 121 84 A Murphy, Daniel NL 2B 8% 87% 0.62 113 83 79 A Carpenter, Matt NL 1B 16% 76% 0.77 140 93 78 A Rizzo, Anthony NL 1B 12% 82% 0.79 126 67 77 A Turner, Justin NL 3B 10% 85% 0.72 117 72 77 A Gurriel, Yulieski AL 1B 6% 88% 0.50 96 92 69 A Moustakas, Mike AL 3B 7% 85% 0.47 117 68 68 A Santana, Carlos NL 1B 15% 80% 0.89 108 82 65 A Panik, Joe NL 2B 9


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        We haven't changed anything in our article formatting this year. Are you on a new version of Word or something on your end?


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          I'm running Word 2016. If I copy that LIMA article, choose 'Paste' and 'keep source formatting, the article and table paste perfectly.


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            my word is older than that, a few years. I was using the command paste feature and tried your paste and match formatting idea, still come up with the same problem..very frustrating.


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              Older version of Word should have Paste Special, try that. Again, nothing really new on our end that would affect this.


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                thanks Ray,
                Paste special, Formatted text did the trick. Don't know why I need that workaround this year, but all good.


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                  Glad you're all set!