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  • Projections strategy

    Ray - With opening day less than 3 weeks away and pitchers needing longer to get ready, at what point do you start to reduce the innings from front line pitchers who are still without homes? Can Cobb, Arrieta, and Lynn get ramped up quickly enough to throw more than 180 innings if they have not signed with anyone yet? It would seem as if that would be their projections if they were a full spring training participant. But unfortunately they aren't. Thank you.

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    I will start shaving the pitchers down this weekend.


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      The other interesting point is how does YOUR league handle these guys? In LABR, guys were gambling on ... for example ... the Jake Arrieta's of the world in NL / AL only leagues. Just a reminder to me to read my league rule because in some cases, I can not bid on anybody that is "unaffiliated" ... in others I can.