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Trouble again with CSV file versus HTML

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  • Trouble again with CSV file versus HTML

    Ray - once again the two files have different projections. Which one is right? My guess is the HTML file. For Yuli Gurriel who had surgery you have 513 ab's on HTML and 545 on CSV. On all the CSV files it shows 545. Why are we having so much trouble reconciling these files this year? I shouldn't have to check if the 2 files are the same. Thank you for your help.

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    By the way it has been different for more than a day because you had 513 on the HTML file yesterday - not sure if that helps uncover the problem.


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      Ray, I can confirm: I too see different AB numbers for Gurriel, HTML vs. CSV. HTML matches PlayerLink so I'll assume something is off with the CSV file generation.

      Snider, I do know a little trick for getting the HTML output into Excel, if you're interested.


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        Noted in another thread this morning. We are investigating.


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          Yes - I would be interested. Please help. Thank you


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            Ok, this is what you do if you're in a hurry.

            1. Bring up HTML projection page.
            2. From your browser's menu, select Edit, Select All. The entire HTML page should now be highlighted.
            3. Open up a new Excel workbook. Right-click in the first cell and select Paste Special, and in the next dialog that pops up, select Text.

            You should now have the entire HTML contents in Excel, but as plain text. You will have to delete the first few rows, because those are the heading lines on the HTML page that you don't need here.

            Next step: highlight all the columns and select Format, AutoFit Column Width. That will resize the columns.

            Final step: every so often you'll see the column headers repeated. Just delete those lines. And then you should be good to go -- just remember to save the file! Not as convenient as the CSV file, and I'm sure the guys will fix the problem soon, but at least you'll be up and running if you're in a rush.


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              Tom T. - it works. You are outstanding. Thank you so much.


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                CSV files should be updated now. Sorry about that!