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Mobile log on to forums problem + tapatalk question

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  • Mobile log on to forums problem + tapatalk question

    Lately I have had trouble, in fact an impossibility, of consistently signing onto the forums from my iphone. I can sign into HQ using my user/PW, but when I click on the forums and enter my forum ID/password -- sometimes I get a forum front page, but most of the time I get, even though I have been told, "thank you for logging in, ........" I get another screen that tells me I havent logged on. I keep doing this, and sometimes I get on, sometimes not.

    Then, if I get to the main screen in forums, when I click onto a post, I get thrown off again, asking me to log on again, Then it starts all over. Very frustrating.

    A while back I was able to access forums via tapatalk, but then that stopped without notification, even though I get messages from tapatalk that someone has responded to my post.

    Any ideas on what to do?

    Frustrated mobile user.

    ps no problems via computer access

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    Are you checking the ‘remember me’ box when logging in. Also check your browser settings to make sure we are allowed to set a cookie for login. Those are pretty much the only two things that can affect login.