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    I wasn't sure whether to post here or editorial helpline.

    Is this week's column going to mirror last year's from this point until the end of the season and focus on categories vice overall value?

    I felt the category POV was of great value in focusing in on needs and drowning out the noise of overall value.

    I'm sure it'll still be great either way.


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    Should I interpret this as "no", new author and new style? Thanks.


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      I'll move this to Editorial Helpline. It's more likely to be seen by an appropriate person there.
      "It's not a lie if you believe it." -- George Costanza (Seinfeld)


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        Obviously, we made a bunch of changes to how we do Market Pulse in-season this year. My sense is that the current format is working well as-is, but certainly willing to hear alternate takes. I'll drop Joe a note and suggest that he take a look at last year's late-season approach and see if it makes sense to incoroporate that down the stretch this year as well. Thanks for the suggestion.


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          Thanks, Ray, for bringing this to my attention. I always appreciate feedback on the column, and I do think the category focus is an interesting take. However, I'd like to highlight that the various Buyer's Guide columns (under the Skills' tab) seem to be more comprehensive than what MP provides. Do you agree?

          I did see the Aug 20 column from last year did focus on categories before going back to the original format the rest of the season. What I've tried to do this year is really focus in on what is happening in the FAAB market while linking to our contributors' work (esp. in PT Tod/Tom and Callups) so that you get a comprehensive look at each player in question. I also wanted to point your attention to the Mayberry Score column, which is going to give you an idea about how these players can help you in various categories. For help with Mayberry, visit here:

          Always open to tweaking the format of MP, so any additional thoughts you have would be appreciated. I think, for now, I'll probably continue with the same format so that owners will continue to be able to stretch their FAAB dollars for the playoffs.