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    Hi Ray/Baseball HQ

    Just a quick favor to ask re: daily updated ROS projections (which I love)

    When a player is out for season (e.g., Adam Eaton), is there any way to keep him on your rest of season forecast, even if projections are all zero? I merry up my sportsline rosters with your projections and it makes it easier when I have matches (via Excel lookup) to line the data up.

    Thanks for your consideration -


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    I do realize that if I use the actuals + proj, you do list Eaton on the actuals side and so I guess that I can tap into that vice the to go only.


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      Yeah, the latter is probably your best way to go. I understand why not zeroing the projection would be helpful to you, but people who don't understand why we'd do that for you would inevitably say that we were asleep at the switch for not zeroing him out.


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        Thanks Ray - I am totally ok with zeroing him out - just would like to still see him listed with zero's than not listed at all.