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  • OBP in H2H Leagues

    Dylan Hedges writes on p54 of BF2017 that a consistent H2H roster should aim for, amongst other filters, an xBA of =>.280. I play in a H2H league that eschews BA for both OBP and OPS (no, I don't know why we use both either).

    I'm going to punt OPS on the basis that if I can cover OBP and PX then I should do well in OPS by default. So what I need is an equivalent filter for OBP that will match .280 xBA. It doesn't seem as simple as looking for the same benchmark in OBP. If I use .370 or .375 as a filter, I get 15 and 7 players respectively using BHQ projections. That's without setting a minimum ct% of 80%.

    A .280 xBA filter returns around 60 players (56 if I set a minimum AB level of 200) and a minimum OBP of .345 will also return that amount (57 to be precise).

    Am I heading in the right direction by setting a sample size first to get my cut-off point (eg counting to 60-ish players by descending OBP and seeing what cut-off point that gives) or should I set a minimum level and just taking how ever many players I get back?


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    Cough, cough...

    Any suggestions?