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2017 SDG date?

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  • 2017 SDG date?

    The Straight Draft Guide is to Draft Day as Thanksgiving is to Christmas: it's not the main event, but it's a sure sign that the main event is coming, and I have an excuse to gorge myself. Also, the date of the feast appears to be movable. But if I'm reading my calendar correctly, I think the SDG is supposed to drop this weekend. Am I right?

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    Yes, that would be the right time. I've got Tout Wars draft tonight, which I'm going to recap in the GMs Office column this Friday. Once I get that written, I'll pivot right to the SDG. Not totally sure if SDG will drop this weekend or early next week, but that's what I'm working toward.

    Can't wait to get to it, easily my most fun writing assignment of the year.


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      Thanks, Ray! I can't wait for you to get to it either!

      And good luck tonight.