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    Hi Team HQ,
    I've been a long time subscriber and I really enjoy the site's content. I now regularly watch the Twitter feed on the front page and just bring my eyeballs back to the site to look at that during the day. That said, I really enjoy the tweets related to baseball. I really dislike the non baseball related tweets. Some I don't really understand why I'm reading on the HQ site like when I read about the Cincy Bar Association. Others are political in nature or addressing social issues. I go to HQ to get away from that stuff, to learn and get info about the game I love. Could the tweets found on HQ site be edited or filtered out to be more baseball related?
    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    So you want @___BHQ Twitter handles to contain baseball content exclusively while those authors publish other content through their own personal Twitter handle? Seems reasonable but from my experience it is not the norm. Some of national and local beat writers have earned an unfollow from me due to the amount of their non-baseball tweets. Others seems to have the balance right, at least "right" to my taste.


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      I'm a person "in the public eye" and I never tweet about anything beyond my professional expertise. People follow me for specific information about that.

      and I do unfollow those also in my field of interest who 'enlighten' me about extraneous issues.

      then again, I've never been on Facebook, so I'm weird....
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