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    you know, league signatures should be part of the sign up form. Or at least and optional part of the sign up form/profile.

    it seems many time when we would like to help answer a question, the person has yet to get to making a 'signature with league type information'
    I know I did not figure it out until some advised me to do it.

    just a suggestion. not a priority I am sure.

    not rotiserrie- H2H both teams redraft. (league 2 we can keep 2 players)
    1)private league. 12 team mixed, snake draft, 6x6 h2h daily. cats are r, rbi, sb, ba, oba, hr & w, saves, k's and k9's, era, whip. (k's and k9's plus we need 42 innings pitched per week, leans toward good pitching league)

    2)private league, 12 team mxed, snake draft 6x5 weekly h2h.

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    However, keep player names out of signatures: it really messes up the search function on forum posts.
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