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Using the Homogenous Strategy With A Unique Head to Head Scoring System

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  • Using the Homogenous Strategy With A Unique Head to Head Scoring System

    I may have posted this in the wrong forum (I originally posted it in Head to Head strategy forum).

    I have read and like the approach discussed in the HQ article HEAD-TO-HEAD: 2016 Homogeneous Player Pool by Dave Martin. The article stresses drafting offensive players who are consistent in the first rounds of a straight draft in a head to head league and suggests a pool of offensive players the author believes meets this criteria. Our league is a 12 team head to head league with a player pool of both AL and NL players (each team drafts 22 players, which includes 9 pitchers, plus 3 bench players). This league, which is a new to me, uses a different type of points scoring system(I am used to a straight Rotisserie scoring system) that I believe disproportionally rewards starting pitching. Here is the scoring system, with weights, the league will use: Batting: Total bases (1), Walks (1), Runs Scored (1), Runs Batted In (1), Stolen Bases (1), Strikeouts (-1) and Pitching: Innings Pitched (3), Earned Runs (-2), Wins (5), Losses (-5), Saves (5), Strikeouts (1), Hits Allowed (-1), Walks (-1).

    It seems to me that you need to get at least one top of the rotation starter in the first or second round and draft a number 1 or 2 starter no later than the fifth or sixth round. I am not sure about when to draft a closer in this type of league but since there are not many consistent quality closers you probably need to do that as soon a one closer is drafted by a team. This of course assume other teams are starting to draft pitching early; I know I should not be the first to draft a pitcher in this type of league.

    Am I correct about this strategy or should I just follow the advice in the article and focus on offensive players in the first 3 or 4 rounds of the draft? I will of course be trying to maximize Tier 1 and Tier 2 players based on the Portfolio three strategy

    Thanks for your advice