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  • Just some friendly feedback...

    I was looking thru the PQS page and at least for the pre-season, found all the info to be absolutely meaningless to me. I mean this in the nicest way as I love much of the site. But for feedback... Knowing the PQS result against a specific team in the past....just doesn't do it for me.

    What would be nice? Tracking PQS Dom-Dis splits historically...even by 1H/2H. I know it doesn't fill much space, but might tell me more about trends in development. Not sure what looking at a PQS value for a period in the past against a specific team says. Might be getting too granular.

    Just FYI. Love the site.
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    Thanks... good feedback. It might be that there are better uses for that space. Or it might be relevant for DFS purposes, etc. Worth looking at, at least.