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  • RAY@HQ
    We'll be collapsing everything toward 100% (already in process, actually), but may not actually hit that exactly until some final position battles get settled the weekend before Opening Day. You should see steady progress on this over the next two weeks, though. (Holds may be on the later side as bullpen roles tend to stay unsettled.)

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  • Snider
    started a topic Saves and holds %

    Saves and holds %

    Looking under the depth charts by team, in many cases the saves and holds percentage do not add up to 100%. It is getting late in the spring to have the percentages be either less than 100% or greater than that number. At the end of the day when you add the percentage of holds and saves by reliever the total per team should equal100%. When do you think you will have these percentages add up to 100? Thank you.