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    Last year was my first year in a homerun pool at my work. It was sprung on me at the last minute and I simply used the BaseballHQ projections and picked the top projected hr players without really thinking about it. The top 5 were paid out and of course I placed 6th out of the 100 odd people in the pool.

    I do not have the sheet for this season but am expecting it soon, and have been putting a lot more thought into it this season. I've attached my submission form from last season.
    I was wondering if anyone had feedback on what projection systems, or combination of systems best represent hr totals for players. I remember adding up the HR projection totals when I submitted the form and it was over 500 projected homeruns, while my team actually hit just over 300 homeruns last season.

    Also, who do you guys think would be great choices for wild card write ins. Assuming that anyone who hit under 18 homeruns last year is available to choose from.

    Thanks for any help or feedback you guys give.

    Here is the link to last years form -