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  • Terminology? Update Glossary?

    I have searched and searched the Glossary and Forecasters Toolbox under "Education" and find no reference to the following items:


    What do they mean and where can I find a detailed explanation of how they are computed and applied? I'm not certain this is the correct place for this question, but I thought I'd give it a try. It does seem to me that both the Glossary and Forecasters Toolbox (from 2007!) badly need updating to 2014. Things like SwK% and the like are also not found in either.

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    They have been updated since 2007, but you're right that another update is overdue. On my to-do list. Here are the definitions you seek, from the 2014 Forecaster:

    HCt= hard hit ball rate x contact rate
    HctX= Player Hct divided by league average Hct, normalized to 100
    The combination of making contact and hitting the ball hard
    might be the most important skills for a batter. HctX correlates
    very strongly with BA, and at higher BA levels often does so with
    high accuracy. Its success with HR was somewhat limited, probably
    due to GB/FB differences. BENCHMARKS: The average
    major-leaguer in a given year has a HctX of 100. Elite batters
    have an HctX of 135 or above; weakest batters have HctX of 55
    or below.
    Expected LW power index (xPX) (Bill Macey)
    2.6 + 269*HHLD% + 724*HHFB%
    Previous research has shown that hard-hit balls are more likely
    to result in hits and hard-hit fly balls are more likely to end up
    as HRs. As such, we can use hard-hit ball data to calculate an
    expected skills-based power index. This metric starts with hardhit
    ball data, which measures a player’s fundamental skill of
    making solid contact, and then places it on the same scale as PX
    (xPX). In the above formula, HHLD% is calculated as the number
    of hard hit-line drives divided by the total number of balls put in
    play. HHFB% is similarly calculated for fly balls.