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  • New to HQ need some help

    Hello All,
    I just signed up to HQ.I play in 4 leagues 2 daily Roto 5x5 1--6x6 Keeper leagues 1 weekly keeper and 1 weekly non keeper. I'm trying to figure Mack tools out. I'm a little, no alot confused. I have set up 1 league and teams (12) already, still having problems understanding reports. There is so many options,I not sure with some stats stand for, or use and what number should be the used, IE I know if looking for ERA I can use 3.00.Some I don't know what the number should be. Some I don't know what they are, or what criteria I'm looking for. Is there a way to start a Faab watchlist to monitor possible pick-ups? Rate who would help my team? Glossary for what they stand for? I have been reading and trying everything out on the run. Any help would be Greatly Appreciated !! Any tips would help too.

    Thank You, JM

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    I would say, to start, read everything in the Forecaster's ToolBox (which contains a glossary). Problem is, I can't find it now to link it to you. Why this isn't more prominent on the homepage (or wherever) or intuitively easier to find, I simply don't understand. I'm noticing lots of noobs and even somewhat long timer's not understanding certain H% for example.

    Then again, there's guys like me that have a pretty good grasp of all the BPI and its signficance, yet still continue to do stupid things. =P
    Thank you BHQ =D


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      Yeah, the "education" link at the bottom-center of the home page is a good starting point. And yes, we need to make that link a lot more prominent.

      Post here if you have any follow-up questions; we have a lot of helpful souls here.



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        For quick reference, there's a link at the bottom of every article that takes you to a "Glossary Primer": quick explanations of our most-used terms. From that page, there's a link to the full glossary.

        But yes, you can ask specific questions here, too.


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          Thanks, Know what would be nice a Toolbar. Put the things you look at everyday at 1 click.

          Thanks Again, Mojo


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            Thank You So far so good. Lots of reading and sorting back to scholl again. Toolbar would be nice to store favorite areas, and get to them with 1 click.
            Thanks again, Mojo


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              Sorry double post.Learning