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  • Starting Batter Report?

    I find the Starting Pitcher Report helpful for setting my staff for the week. Is there a similar report for batters? I would think something like this would be especially useful for H2H leagues; maybe a projection of a good or bad week based on pitching staffs to be faced.
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    No, we don't offer this... too much volatility/randomness to offer recommendations with any level of confidence. Short answer: start your best guys.


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      The biggest problem with this is that lineups aren't announced until around two hours before game time and are dynamic up until game time. Also, you're talking 12-13 batters per team game versus just one with the pitcher.

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        Starting Pitcher Report

        Hi Ray, I am having a hard time following the SP report this week and need you to talk me into it. I have two undesirable options for my final rotation spot: Salazar at TOR or Erlin at COL. The SP report tells me that Erlin is the lesser of two evils here but Salazar seems the better bet for Ks. It's a points H2H league where a bad start can cost you plenty. Wild hair options include starting Stroman at SP though he's playing reliever now, or slotting in Ryu, hoping he returns against ARI.


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          The SP Report is a great tool, but it has limitations. Don't be a slave to it. For instance, it treats all road parks the same... but Coors isn't the same as all road parks. I would not start Erlin at Coors.


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            Thanks, Ray. I have found it very useful so far this season. Great work.