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  • Callups

    I was wondering where you get access to the MLB transactions for your 'Callups' section.

    I see Luis Terrero has been featured but I dont see any mention of him being called up on espn,, yahoo, etc.

    The reason I ask is that in my league we can acquire these recent callups as long as we provide the link to his transaction.


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    From RotoWire on 07/09...

    "The Diamondbacks have called up Terrero from Triple-A, the Arizona Republic reports. Terrero was hitting .330/.370/.569 (8 HR, 33 RBI) in 48 games for Triple-A Tucson. With Danny Bautista (back) out until after the All-Star break, Terrero might get a brief audition in right field as the D-Backs conclude their weekend series in San Francisco. Terrero had just concluded serving a one-game suspension at Triple-A for showing up the opposition after hitting a home run on Sunday."

    Here is the link to the Arizona Republic article in case you need that. The part about Terrero being called up after Thursday's game is way at the end.


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      Thanks for the link.

      Shortly after I posted, I found a post on rototimes. The other sources slowly started to trickle in.

      I was wondering if there was one main source that all the others used.


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        I don't think there's one "main" source that gets everything right the soonest. One of the problems in determining call-ups is that some of the services jump the gun. A couple of weeks ago, the Expos called up Scott Downs. One service had the transaction occurring on Thursday afternoon; numerous others had it occurring on Friday. My league uses two or three services as "official" for purposes of transaction eligibility.
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