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  • Leading Indicators explanation

    I'm not certain I understand how best to utilize the information provided in Leading Indicators. What does a player's inclusion on the various leading indicator lists say about them?

    For example, I notice that Dustin Ackley is included in the list of American League Power - Top Skills. In my 12-team H2H categories (5x5) league, I have built my team around power hitters, ignoring speed entirely. Does the fact that Ackley is included in the Power Top Skills list suggest that he would be a good fit for a team like mine? Or what does it mean, exactly?


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    It means nothing, yet... those reports, while all very useful in-season, are designed around in-season data. So, while Ackley is rating as a top power source right now, the one-week sample size is obviously flimsy.

    I'd be keeping an eye on those reports for now, but would be waiting until the end of April (at least) before taking roster action based on them.


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      Excellent. Thank you.