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2 key draft prep tools - questions

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  • 2 key draft prep tools - questions

    Hi guys,

    Great service you have here. First time I've used it to get ready for a draft and it blows anything else away I've ever used.

    OK, first question.

    Does the Draft Grid that I customized get updated? I thought I read somewhere that the values get updated somewhere along the way closer to the season - which would obviously impact the grid. I want to reprint it if it does.

    2nd Question

    Is there anywhere on the site that projects the batting lineup of each team? That's a key info item.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, our projections update daily, and those flow out to all of the site tools every day.

    No, we don't project batting orders. Would be great info to have, sure, but its also misleading. They change too often in-season. If we allocated ABs based on lineup position, we'd just be chasing our tails all season long.

    Welcome aboard!


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      Great. Thanks Ray.