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  • CDG for individual OF slots

    My league uses LF, CF, and RF positions rather than general OF positions. (We start one of each.) Will this make any difference for me when generating dollar values in the CDG since the CDG only allows you to specify the overall number of OF to start? Or will the dollar values be the same regardless of whether I'm using individual OF slots versus general OF slots? (I do not employ the Scarcity settings.)

    Are there any adjustments I should make in the other CDG inputs to help factor in this difference?


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    It won't make any difference if you prefer the output without the "force positions" option checked. (I always check that option though.)

    Even if you like the output with the forced positions checked, it probably doesn't make any difference because the level of talent among LF, CF and RF is similar enough that, with the utility position available to handle a bit of talent overflow wherever it might be, the replacement level between the three positions is likely to be the same.
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      Great - thanks!

      Speaking of "force positions," what exactly does that do? I expected that in my 12-team, 1-catcher league, for example, it would value the #12 catcher at $1, but he is valued at $2 (as opposed to $-1 without choosing "force positions," though it makes sense why choosing that option makes him a positive value).


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        Yes, I agree. I would have thought it would have lifted the catchers' value higher so that the last one to be drafted is worth $1.
        "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes!" -- Bill James on The Simpsons