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  • LIMA for Relievers

    I'm sure I've missed something fairly obvious, but I'm looking at relievers for a H2H league that counts Holds as well as Saves.

    I've decided that a good strategy would be to target relievers that meet the LIMA targets of Ctrl <=2.8, Dom >=7.0 and Cmd >=2.5 (Forecaster p69)

    The problem lies when I cross-reference these resulting filters with the LIMA plan rating on my CDG.

    For example, how is it that Javier Lopez has a LIMA rating of B with a Ctl of 3.7, Dom of 6.5 and Cmd of 1.8 whereas Sergio Romo has a LIMA rating of B with Ctrl of 1.6, Dom of 10.9 and Cmd of 6.7?

    I'm not particularly interested in these two players, they're just examples of the discrepancy I may have found, but I am wondering how relief pitchers get the same LIMA plan rating in the Forecaster with completely different skills.

    So my two questions are:

    What drives a LIMA plan rating for Relievers?
    and is LIMA a good strategey for spotting Hold candidates?