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By the Book: Prisoner of Zenda in a Buggy Whip League.

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  • By the Book: Prisoner of Zenda in a Buggy Whip League.

    I was most interested in Ron Shandler's comments on HQ Radio concerning archaic rules regarding must be on 25 man roster to draft leagues.

    I play in a by the book, league that has been in existence since the early 1990's. We have no FAAB, we have no reserve/bench, and all FA pickups are in reverse order of standing. Our league constitution is basically unchanged since then.

    I have been after the league for many years to address two situations.

    1. Only players on MLB 25 man rosters may be drafted with the exception for rookies that they must be on the 25 man roster within one month or be stripped from the drafting team's roster. (With the new super two rules, this is ridiculous and makes drafting rookies completely dangerous) The effect is that veteran players are over valued in the draft, and rookies like Bryce Harper are undrafted only to fall like rain, bonanzas to the last place team. Every year I bring up how inanely stupid our rules are in this area, but those that are not competitive like the bonanza's that fall to them for their incompetence.
    2. Instituting a basic FAAB budget or something to allow teams to be able to bid on key FA replacements. For example if you are in the top three teams in standing, it becomes very difficult to replace key players lost to injury or loss of role. See closers for example. It might take a month or so to replace a closer with plan Bs or Cs. Meanwhile you watch your counting stats in an area like saves slowly erode and your shot at the championship fades as everyone sees you need saves and tries to screw you in any trade.

    Living in an archaic league set up, I truly appreciated Ron's Comments.
    Let the owners bid on who they want, if they want to bid on a player that will be in the minors all year. Good for them. Change your rule, or you will be like me, the prisoner of Zenda in a buggy whip league.