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Question about team depth charts

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  • Question about team depth charts

    Also comments; question first:

    There is LF, CF, RF. Then there is OF, which includes some but not all of the LF/CF/RF starters in no discernible pattern. Is there some hidden meaning to this arrangement?


    Would be great if the players names were links, to navigate to PlayerLink in one click from the depth chart.

    Also would be great if the minor league guys would chime in so these were "organizational depth charts" instead of just "major league depth charts". MLB depth charts are done as well or better at many other sites, for one. Few if any bother to integrate with the minors, an HQ offering in that area would stand apart.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    The OF line beyond LF/CF/RF is actually a bug, a duplicate row that we need to get removed. I'll work on that.

    Org depth charts would undoubtedly be cool, maybe something we can take a look at down the road. I'll look into getting those names linked, too.


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      Thanks Ray.