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    I am in my first week on the BaseballHQ site, and need some clarification. On the KC Royals Team link you show Yuniesky Betancourt projected to get 50% playing time, split between 2B, 3B, and SS. However--- on your Projections link, Betancourt is shown to project at something around 550 AB's. These two seem to be in contradiction of one another. I am the "proud" owner of Betancourt, and am trying to plan for trades/draft etc.. Thanks for whatever help you may provide. ervintime.
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    I would assume that it's just a matter of updating his projection after he signed with KC and was officially declared a backup. Whatever his failings, he had been a full time player for most of his career.
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      Welcome ervintime. That's a pretty savvy observation for a newcomer.

      And loddar's explanation is spot-on. Our team analysts can update those PT % numbers on the fly on the site, but they don't get reflected in the actual projection until we re-run the entire projection set. That should happen tomorrow, so you'll see Yuni's ABs drop down to 300-something then.


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        Ray, a question on team assignments. Prince Fielder, for instance, is listed as FAN. But Derrek Lee and Carlos Pena, also FA's, are still shown on PIT and CHC. Does this also mean they're projected in PNC and Wrigley versus a generic neutral park, or is it just bookkeeping?


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          Just a little bit of inconsistent book-keeping on our part. But that does impact projections... if a guy is associated with a team, even if he's an FA, that team's park factors are being applied to him.