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Ballpark Tendencies Update?

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  • Ballpark Tendencies Update?

    When will 2011 data be incorporated?

    Current designation says: "Ballpark Tendencies - 2008-2010"

    This would be particularly important for those ballparks that have a more recent existence.

    Also, for ballparks (such as the Mets home stadium) where fences will be moved in 2012, will some kind of advisory or note be added to your table?

    RIP Paco de Lucia.

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    We have the data ready, just haven't posted it yet. Should be coming soon. In the meantime, know that the projections on the site now do incorporate the updated data (and estimates for the new park in Miami and the reconfigured Citi Field). We won't post the estimates for MIA and Citi (that would be confusing). Not sure if we can put a note on there, I'll check.