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  • Employment opportunites @ HQ

    I received the monthly HQ e-newsletter in my inbox last night with a link to employment opportunties. I filled out the application and sent it in for an analyst position, only to get a response from a staff member saying it was an old link and wasn't active for current poistions. Where on the HQ website can I monitor the available staff positions as they may become available for the 2012 season next year? Thanks - Eric
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    Link isn't available yet. From the newsletter, in case anyone didn't get it:

    August is traditionally the month when we hang the Help Wanted
    sign in the window of our storefront. Right now, we are still
    doing some last minute resource evaluation but it looks like
    there will be at least a few openings for 2012.

    Over 90% of our new hires come from within the ranks of our
    subscribers. We have found that the best new writers and analysts
    have been subscribers for a few years. Their familiarity with the
    information culture of the Baseball Forecaster and Baseball HQ
    helps them ascend the learning curve that much quicker.

    Note that these are all PAID positions that require a certain
    level of commitment. We will begin accepting applications in
    about a week,
    with a deadline likely around the end of this
    month. Keep an eye on the subscriber home page and on our
    Facebook page for more information.