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  • RAY@HQ
    Send me a PM with your email address, in10s. We have this in the Baseball Forecaster each year, call it the "cheater's bookmark". It's not in a format I can easily put on the site, but I can email you the PDF of the page.

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  • in10s
    started a topic Possible addition to Glossary

    Possible addition to Glossary

    I'm still a newbie, and I really struggle with some of the advanced stats used on the site. The Glossary helps, but I was wondering if you would consider a minor additions.

    The Glossary doesn't provide any guidance on what is good or bad for the stats. For example, I know "old school stats" like average well enough to know that above .300 is good, above .320 is great, below .260 stinks.

    But I don't know the equivalent for DOM or the other stats. What is league average? What is considered good? What stinks?

    It might really help newbies if that information was in the glossary for some of the key values.