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Help Needed from BBHQ's playing time gurus (projections)

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  • Help Needed from BBHQ's playing time gurus (projections)

    If 340 Plate Appearances = 50% playing time for batters, what's the IP equivalency for both starting pitchers and relief pitchers? 109 and 36? In other words, what should we gauge as a half-time pitcher from the SP and RP pools via the projections?

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    I hate to be one of those guys who bumps their own threads, but it never hurts to ask again (see the OP).

    All wisdom is appreciated, gentlemen.


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      If you look at how playing time is allocated any a typical team page, you'll see that no pitcher is allocated 50% of innings, so the question might be hard to answer.
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        CW, I think the PT percentages for pitchers and hitters on HQ mean different things. I believe a hitters PT% is the % of total PAs of one batting slot that the hitter will get. So if HQ has fulltime PAs =680 (which would be right for a batter who hits in the #6 slot), a player with 75%PT would be projected for 510PAs. But the PT %s for pitchers must mean the percent of all their team's innings (including relief innings) that the pitcher will throw.

        So, Halladay is projected for 16%PT and 232IP. 232 is 16% of 1450. Felix is at 16.5%. 16.5% of 1450 is 239, which is what HQ is projecting him for (and which is too high for a pitcher to ever be projected at, but...). So it looks like HQ has a team's total innings at 1450. That makes sense 162 games * 9 innings= 1458. About half of an away teams games on average will only last 8 innings for pitchers, but I guess extra innings makes up for that to bring the # up to about 1450. Make sense?
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          JDW's breakdown is correct.


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            Thank you, gentlemen. This helps.