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    I'm brand new to BaseballHQ. Is there anywhere on the web site where I can specify the number of games it takes for a player to be eligible at a position? For example, in one of my current leagues, it only takes 1 game for a player to be eligible at a position.

    Thanks You!

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    Welcome to both BaseballHQ and to the chat forums!

    The place where you go to convert our projections to the Rotisserie dollars or other scoring for your format is at the Custom Draft Guide. It does have a force positions option, currently being upgraded as I recall, but it uses 20-game eligibility. If you prefer to see the dollar values without the forced positions option checked, then it doesn't matter.

    We do offer a discount on RotoLab draft preparation software. It is a separate company but they work closely with BaseballHQ. RotoLab certainly has this option. There is a discount available if you order through this page.

    Lastly, make sure to check out the new users guide.
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