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Scarcity Valuation Method for Custom Draft Guide

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  • Scarcity Valuation Method for Custom Draft Guide

    In the description of the 'Custom Draft Guide' section, under 'Valuation Method', it says that the 'scarcity' option is coming soon. It seems that the option is already available, as I was able to produce outputs based on this valuation method. Can you provide a definition for this valuation method similar to the other methods? I assume, obviously, that it puts more weighting on scarce positions than the other methods do, but would appreciate a definition behind what drives the valuations.

    Thanks guys.

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    It ties into the row of checkboxes under each position in the roster config section, where you can flag a position as scarce. I can't say mathematically what it does (I can ask if necessary), but a little trial and error with those controls will probably make it self-evident. Post back here if that's not the case.


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      Sounds good - thanks for the guidance.